Cosmic Collision Funko Mystery Box

Cosmic Collision Funko Mystery Box


Each purchase will include one Funko Pop grail or a new Funko Pop collectible.

Grails, Exclusives and New Funko Pop can include:

  • Freddy Funko as Bumblebee – 1/2397
  • The Mandalorian – Star Wars
  • Autographed by Karen Gillan (PSA Encapsulated) – Nebula – Marvel
  • Stitch Experiment 626 (1/3000 Metallic) with Loungefly Backpack – Disney
  • Yondu ECCC – Marvel
  • Additional Grails will include various rare Funko collectibles
  • If you don’t receive a grail you will receive a new Funko Pop collectible

Introducing The Cosmic Collision Funko Mystery Box

Attention, collectors of the universe! Otto the Octopus here, ready to dive into the ultimate Funko Mystery Box experience with you. The Cosmic Collision Funko Mystery Box has arrived, and it’s packed with exclusive grails that are sure to take your collection to the next level. With a 1 in 8 chance of discovering some serious grails, including the ultra-rare Freddy Funko as Bumblebee – 1/2397, this mystery box is not to be missed.

But that’s not all! The top grails for this box also include the iconic Mandalorian from Star Wars, an autographed Nebula from Marvel by Karen Gillan authenticated and encapsulated by PSA. A metallic Stitch Experiment 626 with Loungefly Backpack – 1/3000 from Disney. This adorable character from the beloved animated movie Lilo & Stitch is a must-have for any Disney fan. And with the added bonus of the metallic finish and Loungefly backpack, this Funko Pop is truly a gem. The elusive Yondu ECCC from Marvel. This Funko Pop was released exclusively at Emerald City Comic Con and features the beloved character from Guardians of the Galaxy. With its limited availability and unique design, this Funko Pop is a true grail for any Marvel collector.

As we venture further into this cosmic collision of worlds, you’ll feel your heart race as you come closer to discovering these exclusive treasures. With every box, a new adventure awaits. Will you be the lucky collector to claim one of these highly sought-after Funko collectibles? Order now and experience the ultimate Funko Mystery Box with Otto the Octopus by your side. Let’s explore the cosmic collision of worlds together and uncover the exclusive treasures inside!

Start your Cosmic Collision Funko Mystery Box grail hunt now!

This Cosmic Collision Funko Mystery Box is dedicated to any Funko Collector who is a fan of rare collectibles. Pop Box Central Mystery boxes are specialty curated drops full of cool collectibles including top-shelf rare Funko Pop collectibles.

We design our mystery box releases around our collector community and always make sure that everyone who purchases one leaves feeling like they’ve hit the lotto or they just scored one of the newest drops from brands like MarvelAnimeDisneyStar Wars and more. Be sure to check out our other mystery boxes and accessories including Loungefly and exciting-themed backpacks.

Community means everything to us, as does a mint-condition, valuable Funko Pop! that’s why we ship every 4” Funko in a protector. We always pack and ship with care to help us achieve 99% customer satisfaction!

Make sure to share your find on social @popboxcentral. Although we do our best to avoid this occurrence, purchasing multiple boxes may result in receiving duplicates!

The Cosmic Collision Funko Mystery Box has a 1 in 8 chance of pulling a grail or you will receive a new Funko collectible. Make sure when you order to leave a note for our team to see!