Nostalgia Hits the Funko Scene with New Black Light Releases

The Funko blacklight flashlight was introduced about two years ago and has changed the game in the Funko community. Flashing a black light on one of them and bam, it returns a neon glow in the dark that’s a sight for any fandom fanatic to see. Funko black lights took the Pop experience to the next level and we can’t wait for the new black light lines from Horror, Disney, Marvel and more!

If you’ve followed us for some time, you know that we love a good series. Some great Funko Pop black lights in an ode to series were released last year and included Stranger Things: Dustin, Eleven, and Demogorgon. These were definitely some of our favorite characters we had to snag. 

Other Funko Black Light are still being released today like Loki – Sylvie, Falcon & The Winter Soldier, and the new Infinity Killmonger that comes with a Funko tee and the Scarlet Witch. These are Target exclusives that Otto and the team are super excited about. Some fun Marvel blacklight include Funko Carnage, Galactus, Iron Man and some new favorites like Scary Terry from Rick and Morty. Funko has released a cross of genres and series spectaculars.  

The bulk of the blacklights are currently mostly exclusive to Target, but GameStop, PX and Funko Shop have some epic blacklight Funko Pop collectibles available currently. Although Entertainment Earth will be releasing some great Horror blacklights like Michael Myers Pennywise and Chucky. 

For Funkoween 2022, Funko’s halfway to Halloween prodigy announcement, there was a cauldron of blacklight wonders including horror Funko blacklight exclusives at Target, Walgreens and Hot Topic. We’re most looking forward to the release of some of the top horror Funko Pop villains including Michael Myers and a ton of awesome characters from Nightmare Before Christmas! We can’t wait to celebrate Halloween with these fan favorites. 

As you can see, Funko has the blacklight scene covered and we’re here for it. With many characters to reinvent into blacklights, we’re looking forward to sharing them with our community and announcing what’s next. Check out our accessories and mystery boxes and leave us a comment and let us know which you’re looking to add to the shelf!