Funko Pop Makes a Mark on Pop Culture

When we think about collectible items, Funko is one of the first things that comes to mind. We’ve been submerged in this world for quite some time now, so obviously we had to write about the origin of this massive and unique toy company. Turns out that in 1998, a collector named Mike Becker in Washington state came across a Big Boy vintage coin that was going for hundreds of dollars. He came to the realization that he can reproduce it allowing more people to collect and enjoy. This is why the very first pop created was Big Boy, the beloved mascot of the restaurant chain with 69 locations in the US mainly located on the west coast and 2 in Thailand.

It was 2005 when the consistent look and feel of Funko that we know and love was created when the company was sold to Brian Mariotti. Those big eyes the same distance apart, and big heads that are two-thirds larger than their bodies began to change the game. Some of Mariotti’s favorites are Hanna-Barbera and Looney Tunes and Pez.

Any character or person has the ability to be Popified. Pops from opposite ends of the fandom spectrum exist from Disney Princesses to Star Wars to Anime to Rocks best. Seeing them sitting together just makes sense and feels right. Doesn’t it? People have been collecting for centuries, but what’s fun about Funko is it revels in nostalgia. There’s a Pop every person is able to resonate with and seeing your favorite character or pop culture icon in an adorable form brings a burst of happiness that can be felt every day. Creating connections for every individual is why Funko has grown into the loveable company it is today. 

Along with the new investment, eBay is now becoming the preferred secondary marketplace for our beloved vinyl figures. This seals the deal and confirms the fact that Funko has a lifetime ahead of them and is here to stay!

We’ve had Funko’s on our shelves for a decade now, including some of the rarest coveted collectibles. Because the Pop Box Central team is so familiar with them, we incorporate the best of fandoms into all of our mystery boxes to share with the community. Our Funko Pop mystery boxes are specially curated providing everyone with a sense of excitement and nostalgia.

It’s safe to say that Funko is dominating the world of collectibles and captures the hearts of collectors in every nostalgic way we can think of. We’re ecstatic and thankful to be a part of this great Funko family community that continues to grow. Check out the accessories we’re so excited to offer to the fandom community and follow us on our journey as Otto works around the clock to provide a unique Funko experience for each and every one of you!