Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Fandom Highlights

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is an ultimate holiday tradition. We get to enjoy a slew of entertainment from live performers to marching bands before we chow down on some delicious food. This staple holiday parade that’s celebrated throughout the country even has something in store for us Funko lovers. 

Grogu will make his second debut in the Big Apple on this day as a giant balloon in the form of a Funko Pop! that will take four people to float along the streets of Manhattan. Lucky for us, this figure will also be available in actual Pop form along with the handlers which we absolutely need to add to our Star Wars Funko collection. 

More Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade fandom highlights include Stuart the Minion who will be making an appearance as a banana-loving balloon as tall as a three-story building. This is definitely one we’ll be watching out for as we enjoy the epic parade. Pikachu and Eevee will also be bobbing through the streets on a sleigh, ready for whatever the parade brings their way.

On the Disney front, the Disney Cruise Line ship will be returning to the parade this year and is a massive float inspired by Disney Wish, their newest cruise ship. The ship will have all of our favorite Disney characters on board and Minnie, Mickey and Goofy will be the stars of a Broadway-style show on the ship. We’re so looking forward to witnessing this ship cruise down the streets of the city that never sleeps.

As Funko fanatics, we’re most looking forward to the giant Grogu balloon that’s also available as a Pop but we’re definitely pumped to experience everything else the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has in store for us, including fandom highlights. If you’re huge Disney and Star Wars fans like us, you’ll love the Loungefly accessories we have available for you all, and don’t forget to browse our Funko Pop Mystery Boxes on the way out!