Celebrating Five Years of Funko at Funkon II

It’s that time of year again for the Emerald City Comic Con and we’re ready for it to start on August 18 in Seattle, Washington. Funko will be holding the Funkon II on August 20 and is an event of its own as it celebrates five years of the Funko HQ existence in Everett, Washington. Let’s all just go ahead and say “Happy 5th Birthday” to a company that has kept joy in our hearts for all of these years and appreciate what will continue to come in the future.

Although Funkon II is an honorary event, it has also been criticized because of its rather underwhelming reveals compared to last year’s event. The difference is that Funkon was created last year as a way to make up for their absence at the 2021 SDCC due to COVID. This year, it’s a birthday celebration, so the massive amount of releases wasn’t needed as much this time around. There are a total of four Vinyl Soda figures and four Pop! figures. In Funko fashion, the Funkon exclusives will be available at the Emerald City Comic Con in person and the shared releases will be on sale on the website the same day as Funkon.

What are your favorites from the Funkon release? We’re sure the Anime community will be buzzing over the reveal of Muichiro Tokito of Demon Slayer and the Ad Icon crowd will be salivating over the Lemon Head exclusive. Either way, Funko always has something for everyone, and we all have our favorites. Have fun and enjoy celebrating five years of Funko at Funkon II and don’t forget to check out all of our accessories we think you’ll love.