The Scream Series: A Horror Fan Favorite

It was 1996. The first Scream was released and Drew Barrymore had us at the edge of our seats when she was tested by the horror trivia expert while making popcorn. If you’re new to this horror collection, the Scream series is a horror fan favorite with its satire, dark comedy twist on slasher films, attracting even non-horror lovers. The series is uniquely crafted and quickly made its way into the category of iconic movies. It’s a different kind of horror series that helps us answer the question “what’s your favorite scary movie?”

The person behind the Ghostface mask switches up throughout the five film series, unlike traditional horror movies where the antagonist remains the same like Michael Myers and Chucky. Neve Campbell played Sidney Prescott who couldn’t seem to catch a break throughout the movies. She’s targeted by all the killers and our eyebrows stay raised as there’s always one plot twist after another.

It’s hard to forget the “Friends” star, Courtney Cox, who plays the reporter Gale Weathers and began to really grow on us fans. She teams up with Dewey, played by David Arquette, who is the town deputy and older brother of Sidney’s best friend. Gale and Dewey ended up getting together in the movies and IRL too. These three are staples in the Scream movies and have fought their way into the 2022 release, “Scream 5.” The 6th is set to be released in 2023 and there’s no way we’re missing the newest edition to one of our favorite terrifying villains. 

Spooky season is upon us and Otto is ready to get in the Halloween spirit with the Scream series, a horror fan favorite. Scream is far from phasing out as this epic series is simply irreplaceable. Our love for classics like this makes us appreciate collecting Pops of some serious hits that mean so much to us, like the Ghostface Pop released in January 2014

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