Otto’s Funko Fundays Breakdown

If you’re a Funko lover, you won’t want to miss Otto’s Funko Fundays breakdown. Funko Fundays is a highly revered event in the Funko community and with this year’s offering, Funko has not failed to deliver! With the introduction of new teams like: Pop! Protectors, Proto Robos, Killer Crowns and the Blacklight Bandits, you will surely rep your team with pride!

Tickets for the event went on sale Thursday, July 21 and Funko Fundays will commence on Friday, July 22nd, so get ready for a fun-filled event like no other! The Fundays box will also be available for purchase on the same day. Cheer for your team and get as loud as you want because this will be a battle until the winning mascot reigns supreme.

It has not been revealed what else is in the Box of Fun, or whether there will be a second box of exclusive Funko Freddy like last year, but whatever is in store, we are ready for! You’ll also be able to learn about Funko’s upcoming releases, have the chance to win some awesome prizes, and enjoy games, contests, and more.

So there you have Otto’s Funko Fundays breakdown. Remember to always have fun and don’t forget to check out our accessories that we think you’ll absolutely love!